Luxury painting course in Provence

Strengthen your creativity and picturesque delight. Treat yourself and your artistic skills. I will kick your creativity and guide you further from where you are right now. I will give you some color learn and make sure you come home with a great desire to continue your career as a painter. I is based on your level, your requirements and your resources.

The only requirement for participation is that you have the desire to move on from where you are today.

25. August - 1. September 2018
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Question:                 or +45 21 66 91 32


Team building arrangement:
Duration: 2,5 Hour
Price DKK. 5.000,00 + VAT and transport
Number of participants: Max. 10 people
Note: Price includes. materials, but the participants shall provide any spare clothes, bags or the like. 

An event where participants get brushes and colors in hand. Here the participants are introduced to a different way of working together. They challenged in an area where they may not have any experience and therefore beyond their comfort zone to achieve a result.

Who is timid and shy?
Who goes at it hammer and tongs?
Who controls and who let themselves rulers?

Are you interested or have questions please contact me hereor telephone +45 21 66 91 32


Workshops in the studio

Duration: 1 day fra 10AM - 5PM
Price: kr. 1.500,00 + VAT
Number of participants: Max. 5 people. If you are 5 people, given discount to all five, so the price then is kr. 1200 per. person + VAT. It can thus be worthwhile to invite the husband, wife or friends.

Note: Medbrig even materials like something you're doing, so we start from there.

Here you get an entire day filled with color and inspiration, talk about art, expression and materials and not least work at the easel. One day when I, as a practicing artist for many years, helps you further from where you are, artistically, is today.

Are you interested or have questions please contact me hereor telephone +45 21 66 91 32

Michael Grønlund, Langegade 67, 5300 Kerteminde, Denmark, Telefon +45 21 66 91 32,